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There is something to be said about knowing who you are.

Were you the class clown in high school? The academic?

​​Do you strive for excellence? Is life just one giant adventure?

What are your strength's? And weaknesses?

Do you follow your head and logic?

Or are you someone who follows your heart?

Maybe you do both!

When you're in a group of people, do they drain you? Or energize you?

If they drain you, what DOES energize you? Reading? Going for a walk?

...In truth, sometimes we really do know our true selves, and yet sometimes we only think we do.

The link below is to a free - no account or sign-up needed! - website for the Myers-Briggs Personality test. I've done this test numerous times, in many different formats, and in different places and times. The results can sometimes vary based on how your day was, what mood you're in, or how you are feeling and such. So it can be worthwhile to take it again even if you've done it before.

This is simply for fun! Rather than going through the same posts on your Facebook news feed, or getting lost in Reddit, get to know yourself a bit better today.

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