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Why do we make changes easier when they are for someone else?

Some food for thought:

In school we only get good grades so our parents will be proud (hopefully!).

At work we adapt to our environment – loved or not – so that our bosses will be impressed.

With friends we often make choices so that they will keep being our friends.

At home we work to improve ourselves – so that our wife, husband, kids, and family will be happy. Not because WE want to be.

Some of you may have never experienced this before: you’ve always made the right choice for yourself and never worried what others will think. Many would envy you.

But those of you who have struggled to get beyond the reach of what others will think. Those of us who don’t know how to stick to something unless we are doing it for someone else.... I have to ask:


Why do we change who we are so that the guy or girl we like will think we are awesome?

Why do we make changes in ourselves so easily when they are for someone else?

Why can't we just change ourselves to who we want to be for OURSELVES?

And why can't we get things done because we want them done, and not just because they 'have' to be done?

Maybe it's time to do that change in yourself you've been so eager to see - losing weight, eating healthy, maybe even cleaning the house. I don't know what it is you want, but you do. Let this be the sign you were looking for. Do it for YOU - Now. You've got it in you.

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