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What's the Problem?

See that dark spot down there? The one that keeps getting bigger? Well... There's a mystery in here. A problem waiting to be solved.

It's not a riddle. It is in fact a representation of whatever problem you are facing right now.

In life, love, work, we all face problems. Sometimes they are small - like forgetting to pick up eggs from the store, or running late for a meeting. Those aren't really problems though, are they? They're minor road blocks on your path and have only short term repercussions.

At other times though your problems seem bigger, and their solutions may even be life changing. Maybe it's an argument with a loved one, or a mistake on your big presentation at work. For someone struggling with depression it could be seemingly simple tasks like getting out of bed. And then there's anxiety which can be paralyzing in and of itself. These problems, the big ones, can seem insurmountable. does this picture help?

Take 30 seconds, and without blinking stare into the centre of this image:

Did you see the centre get bigger?

Did the black spot expand?

Did you notice that the longer you looked at it, the more everything around it started to fade?

And yet... did you also notice that despite these illusions, the picture remained exactly the same?

As you focused on it everything else seemed to disappear, and it consumed your entire field of vision. Problems work the same way. Like this picture, the longer you look at a problem, the bigger it becomes. When you focus on everything in your way all you can see are the obstacles. This expression sums it up nicely: "You can no longer see the tree through the forest". The longer you stare at the black hole the higher the likelihood is that all you will see is the darkness - the problem. And yet, the second you look away - even just a tiny blink - the problem shrinks.

All those spots of light are solutions. And they are everywhere - but only once you stop focusing on the issue. You see, "Anxiety is a warning from your Unconscious Mind to focus on what you want!"

So stop staring at your problem.

Stop looking towards the road block.

And start looking for the space between the trees and start focusing on what you want to happen. Let your time and energy start flowing towards the solution.

What if the problem still doesn't go away?

More often than not, a problem is never THE problem. When you are crying because you broke an old plate, chances are it is not the plate you are upset about.

When problems persist, and the negative emotions associated start to weigh you down, they become a burden on our well-being. More things begin to become problems, none of which may actually be issues.

For me, coaching in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnotherapy changed my view, and gave me the tools to easily release negative emotions from my past and put those big problems into perspective. Now I'm using those same tools to help others! Only those ready to release their burdens and make true positive changes in their life are going to experience results. If you are having trouble deciding if you are ready, chances are that you are. And I encourage you to contact a coaching specialist to find the REAL problem and the solutions around it.

Contact me here and take the first step!

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