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Why Coaching?

For years I sought the right person to help me with my worries. Friends, family, coworkers, and doctors were all there encouraging me to feel good about myself, my life and my struggles. I owe them all an enormous amount of gratitude for all they did for me.

Yet despite their support I continued to struggle - for me, it was diagnosed as "depression".

Mental illness is far too prevalent in today's society. And yet even with increasing awareness of the many invisible illnesses surrounding us there is still no set cure... It took years for me to accept that the "cure" I had been seeking needed to come from within me; it felt impossible to overcome on my own. It was only through Time Line Therapy®, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), and a touch of hypnotherapy that I found the tools I needed to bring down my own walls. And that was just the beginning.

Some might call it Life Coaching, but for my purposes right now, lets broaden things. Everyone has some type of struggle, and "life" may or may not be it. Coaching is to train, instruct, teach, give, and prompt. It is a way of guiding someone through the steps of change - always for the better. It is my goal to guide others to the path they are seeking. To find the way through the darkness, chaos, or mundaneness in their life towards the peace, serenity, happiness, or fulfillment they are seeking. Most cannot do this on their own so I ask those who can, to join me in helping the others like me who also need a helping hand to find their own way.

The solution is within you. It really is. And as a coach, I will go with you all the way to the ends of the earth to find it. To find the problem, or simply yourself! Coaching is helpful for everyone. You don't need to "suffer" or feel trapped to benefit from coaching. Looking to improve your business and financial standing? Coaching can get you more resources. Doing some soul searching and hope to speed up the process? Coaching will narrow things down and find your core values. Hoping to improve your circumstances, whatever they may be? Coaching can do that easily, and effortlessly. It is within you.

Why Coaching? I want to help others find success and wholeness in their life.

Be always happy and whole,


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